Caring For Your New Puppy

If you have recently adopted or purchased a puppy and are new to pet ownership, you are likely worried about the care involved. Puppies do require quite a bit of care, but the rewards you obtain are well worth the effort. Here are some important things to do during the first few days after you bring your puppy home. Contact A Veterinarian To Make An Appointment A puppy requires an initial visit with a veterinarian as soon as possible.

Signs Your Young Kitten Needs To See The Vet

When you adopt a young kitten, it's really important to take them to the vet for vaccinations and well visits. However, these early vet visits also give you the opportunity to establish a relationship with a veterinarian so that if your kitten begins to show signs of ill health, you know who to call. But what are the signs your little furball should see the veterinarian? Take a look. Respiratory Symptoms

Three Things You Need To Know About Dogs And Subfreezing Weather

If you've added a canine companion into your household, you're probably concerned about what you can do to provide your furry friend with the best possible quality of life. However, those who live in areas that experience subfreezing temperatures in winter may assume that dogs are immune to the negative effects of cold weather because of their fur. Although it's true that some breeds are better suited for seasonal temperature drops, all dogs require protection during the winter.

Signs Your Dog Needs To See A Veterinary Ophthalmology Specialist

Most veterinarians have a vast, broad knowledge and are able to treat an array of ailments, from those that affect the joints to those that affect the teeth. Your ordinary vet should also be able to treat minor and common eye problems, such as a minor eye infection or eyelid injury. But for more involved eye care, you may want to seek out a vet who specializes in treating the eyes.

Do Frogs Need To See The Vet?

Most people are well aware that conventional pets like cats, dogs, and rabbits need to see the vet. But what if you have a pet frog? Should your amphibious friend see the veterinarian, too? The answer is "yes." Continue reading to learn how to find a vet who will treat your frog, along with the signs that your frog needs to see the veterinarian. How do you find a vet who treats frogs?