Keeping Your Dog Safe In The Summer Heat

With summer on the horizon, you can expect temperatures to skyrocket and everyone to be looking for ways to enjoy the sunshine. As you plan your time off from work and school, you need to take into consideration the comfort and health of your canine. Since your dog cannot sweat, it is easier for your dog to overheat, which can lead to an unnecessary visit to the animal hospital. If you are worried how the heat will impact your canine, here are a few ways that you can keep your dog cool and safe.

Three Reasons Why Your Cat Needs Dental Cleanings - Even If You Brush Their Teeth

Brushing your cat's teeth on a regular basis can make a huge difference in their oral health and serve to keep them healthy. But if you're not bringing them in for regular dental cleanings and examinations, you're only covering half the battle. This is why you should always bring them to a veterinarian for a dental checkup. Tartar Just like with humans, tartar can't be removed readily at home. It doesn't come off at all when using a toothbrush or finger brush designed for cleaning a cat's teeth.

Getting A New Pet This Spring? 4 Smart Ways To Protect Your New Pet

When you get a new pet this spring, make sure you are prepared to take proper care of it. Taking proper care of your pet requires you to show up for your pet and provide for all their needs. Smart Way #1: Get Up to Date on Vaccinations When you get a new pet, one of the first things you need to do is visit your veterinary office. You need to find out what vaccinations your pet needs and get them on a schedule with your vet to make sure they get all their vaccinations.

Dealing With Pests In Your Home? Use A Dog Boarding Service

If you recently found out that you have a pest infestation inside your home, you may be going through the early stages of finding out how to get rid of this issue. When these pests are all around your house, you may not have an easy time coming up with a reliable solution. Owning several dogs can also add a bit of difficulty to this process because of their presence. An excellent way to solve this problem is by making use of dog boarding service at companies like Marquette Animal Hospital during the pest infestation.

Waiting On A Foal: 7 Ways To Encourage Pregnancy In Your Beloved Mare

For horse lovers, there's no sight more beautiful than a wobbly foal, finding its precarious footing aside the proud and protective dam. Successful pregnancies don't usually happen by chance, though, so if you're yearning for a yearling, get started soon, so your mare is fully prepared to begin breeding around May or June. 1. Begin With a Veterinarian Your mare should have a complete checkup before being introduced to a stallion, including a reproductive exam.