Signs Your Young Kitten Needs To See The Vet

When you adopt a young kitten, it's really important to take them to the vet for vaccinations and well visits. However, these early vet visits also give you the opportunity to establish a relationship with a veterinarian so that if your kitten begins to show signs of ill health, you know who to call. But what are the signs your little furball should see the veterinarian? Take a look.

Respiratory Symptoms

Sometimes kitten owners shrug off sneezing and a runny nose and just figure their kitty has a cold, similar to the colds human children seem to get so often. But any sort of respiratory symptoms in a kitten are actually of great concern. They could be caused by the feline herpes virus or feline distemper, both of which are conditions that can lie dormant and come back to plague your kitty again and again throughout its life. It's important that a vet diagnoses your kitten early so they can get treatment, not only to clear up this bout of infection but also to prevent flare-ups in the future.

Loss of Appetite

Healthy kittens are hungry. They often seem like they have voracious appetites and are willing to eat even more than you feed them. If your kitten suddenly seems unwilling to eat, this is a sign of serious illness that needs a vet's attention. The kitten could have an intestinal obstruction from swallowing a non-food item. They could also have an intestinal infection. A vet can run a few tests to make a diagnosis, and in the meantime, they may need to give your kitten subcutaneous fluids or an IV to keep them hydrated and nourished.

Swollen, Painful Abdomen

If your kitten's belly seems distended, and if your kitten does not want you to touch their belly, you need to call the vet ASAP. This is a sign of constipation or impaction. Your kitten could simply not be adapting well to a new food, or they may not be drinking enough water. It's also possible that they have a bowel obstruction from eating something strange. The sooner you take action, the better since this situation can turn deadly fast.

If your kitten shows any of the signs above, contact a local vet. In fact, if there is anything at all amiss with your kitten, do not be afraid to give the vet a call. They'll tell you if you need to bring your little friend in to see them.