Three Potential Reasons For A Dog's Runny Nose

A dog can suffer from a runny nose for all sorts of reasons. Some of the reasons behind a runny nose are minor, while others can be more serious. It's always a good idea to set up a veterinarian check-up appointment for a dog that has a runny nose. The vet will physically inspect the animal and may run one or more tests that can narrow down the likely cause of the runny nose. This is particularly important if the issue appears to be chronic. Once they diagnose the issue, the vet can then provide whatever treatment is necessary. There are many things that can cause a dog's nose to run excessively, including these issues.


Like people, dogs can get runny noses when they're in contact with things to which they have an allergy. Some dog owners may not be aware that dogs can be allergic to certain things in the home or outdoors, and thus may not realize that a runny nose is often a warning sign of contact with an allergen. Your vet will likely ask you some questions that may help to determine if your dog has allergies. If they believe that this is the case, they'll do some allergy testing and may prescribe medication.


A dog can also suffer from a runny nose if it has a fever. Dogs can develop fevers for all sorts of reasons, and it's important to react quickly if you believe that a fever may be present. A dog that has a bacterial infection or a virus, for example, will often have a fever among other symptoms. While you can buy a thermometer to check the dog's temperature and determine if it's within the accepted range, you shouldn't hesitate to contact the veterinary clinic if the dog has a runny nose and various other fever symptoms such as lethargy.

Dental Issue

Various dental issues can cause a dog's nose to run, and some of these issues can be serious and require quick attention. For example, if the dog has a tooth abscess, a runny nose can often result. This is a serious infection that not only causes discomfort to your dog but will also worsen without the attention of a professional. If you've noticed that your dog's nose is runny, get in touch with your local animal hospital to describe what you've seen and determine when you're able to meet with a veterinarian.

For more information, contact a veterinarian near you.