Caring For Your New Puppy

If you have recently adopted or purchased a puppy and are new to pet ownership, you are likely worried about the care involved. Puppies do require quite a bit of care, but the rewards you obtain are well worth the effort. Here are some important things to do during the first few days after you bring your puppy home.

Contact A Veterinarian To Make An Appointment

A puppy requires an initial visit with a veterinarian as soon as possible. This is important because if there are any medical issues discovered, they can be treated right away. This reduces the chances of the problem escalating. During your puppy's first visit, a vet will check its vital signs and conduct a full body examination. You are provided with information about vaccinations, preventative measures such as flea control or spay/neuter services, and dietary recommendations. Your puppy will need a few examinations during the first year of its life. Afterward, if there are no medical issues present, most veterinarians will reduce checkups to once a year.

Get The Necessary Supplies For Comfort

Your puppy needs a few items to keep it healthy and comfortable as it learns about its new home and family. Head over to a pet supply store to check out the items available for purchase. You need a bowl for water, another bowl for food, a leash and collar for walks, and some age-appropriate puppy toys to encourage exercise. If your veterinarian recommended a specific type of food to feed your new pet, you may also be able to purchase it at the same store. Walk the entire dog section so you become aware of products on the market that can help you with puppy care.

Be Aware Of Hazards And Set A Routine

It is wise to keep your puppy contained in one area of your home for a few weeks as they get used to their surroundings. Little by little, allow the puppy to explore more of your home. Any room you intend on having your puppy visit needs to be safety checked beforehand. Remove sharp items, string, and chemicals from these areas. Conduct regular checks to ensure your puppy does not come into contact with something unsafe and never leave your puppy unsupervised in a new environment.

Set a routine for your puppy so it becomes used to feeding time, walking time, and playtime. If you continue the same routine day after day, your puppy will learn when to be ready for important events they do not want to miss.  

For more information on dog care, reach out to a company such as Murrells Inlet Veterinary Hospital.