Three Indicators That Your Cat Has A Tapeworm

Many cats develop tapeworms at various points in their lives, which is a condition that requires the care of a veterinarian. In most cases, it's easy for your local vet to treat your cat's tapeworm with medication, but you need to be aware of the indicators that a tapeworm is present. Fortunately, these indicators are generally easy to spot. Once you notice one or more of them, you should call the local animal hospital, explain what you've seen, and set an appointment.

3 Reasons Why Your Dog Has Eye Discharge

Does your dog have liquid discharging from his or her eyes? Discharge is common among dogs. If the discharge is clear, there is probably no reason for concern. It may have been caused by something as simple as an eyelash coming loose or even the wind blowing a dust particle into your dog's eyes. The issue will likely pass just as it does for humans when our eyes water. However, if the discharge is colored and the texture feels thicker or different from water, there could be an underlying health issue that should be addressed.

Deafness In Dogs: Frequently Asked Questions

There are several conditions that dogs can experience no matter their health status, breed, and age. One of the most common is deafness. This is a condition that you might overlook or be difficult for you to notice if you have never experienced the situation before. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions you might have about deafness in dogs. What Are The Signs My Dog Is Deaf?

Basic Rabbit Care Tips

Domesticated rabbits make great pets for a variety of people. Rabbits differ from other common pets, such as cats or dogs, so it is important to know those differences and their specific needs. The following tips will help you take care of your bunny better. Providing Nutrition A well-balanced diet is what keeps a rabbit healthy. Hay is a large portion of that diet and should be on hand and accessible to them at all times.