Deafness In Dogs: Frequently Asked Questions

There are several conditions that dogs can experience no matter their health status, breed, and age. One of the most common is deafness. This is a condition that you might overlook or be difficult for you to notice if you have never experienced the situation before. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions you might have about deafness in dogs. What Are The Signs My Dog Is Deaf?

Basic Rabbit Care Tips

Domesticated rabbits make great pets for a variety of people. Rabbits differ from other common pets, such as cats or dogs, so it is important to know those differences and their specific needs. The following tips will help you take care of your bunny better. Providing Nutrition A well-balanced diet is what keeps a rabbit healthy. Hay is a large portion of that diet and should be on hand and accessible to them at all times.

When Your Pet's Constipation Becomes An Emergency

Like humans, your dog and cat can suffer from bowel issues like constipation. Most of the time, the problem clears up on its own. Sometimes, making some lifestyle changes can help. However, a few pets can have a serious problem. Severe constipation could be an emergency and need an ER veterinarian's help. Here is more information about pet constipation and when it could be considered an emergency. What Is Constipation in Pets?

3 Things That Can Be Used As Cues To Decide When To Schedule A Pet Euthanasia Appointment

Do you have a pet? If so, the day may come when you have to decide whether or not to get your pet euthanized. The decision for euthanization is generally left up to pet owners. However, individuals may receive recommendations from veterinarians when the professional believes it would be in the pet's better interest. Family and friends might also make encouraging recommendations if they suspect that a pet is showing signs of illness or distress.

Learn The Signs Of Heat Exhaustion In Dogs

Hot weather not only raises health concerns in humans; it also creates risks for dogs. Similar to humans, dogs can also suffer from heat exhaustion. To ensure your furry family member stays cool and safe, you must be aware of some of the signs that often indicate this condition. Fever A dog with heat exhaustion may continue to feel warm even after it has been brought inside and had time to cool down, due to a fever.