Why Pet Owners Need Veterinary Clinics That Provide Emergency Care

Not knowing where you can take your pet to receive emergency care can be scary. That is why it is a good idea to build a relationship with your pet and the staff at a veterinary clinic that offers 24/7 emergency vet care.

While your town may not have a 24-hour animal hospital, there are clinics that provide 24/7 vet emergency care on an on-call basis. That means that if your pet is struck by a car, has bloat, or some other illness or injury requiring immediate care, you can go in with no problem.

Why Does the Relationship Matter?

Some emergency vet care providers will only see animals they've seen before for emergency care. That way they have records on the animal, and your pet may feel more at ease because the vet isn't a complete stranger to them. Plus, developing a relationship with the staff at a veterinary clinic is always a good idea.

When your pet sees the same veterinarian time and time again, They learn to trust, rather than fear, that person and are less likely to react negatively at a time when they are frightened or in pain. More importantly, your pet isn't stressed out by a new person at this critical point in their care.

Then there is the peace of mind you'll feel knowing that your pet is in good hands because you've built that trusting relationship with the veterinarian and the clinic's staff. These are not small issues and can make a world of difference in your willingness to follow the recommendations of the vet for emergency services — not to mention care instructions when you bring your pet home.

Emergencies happen. Your pet is part of your family. You want to know that you're entrusting your pet to good hands when these emergencies arise. For that reason and many more, you need to forge a relationship with the staff at a veterinary clinic that offers emergency services in addition to traditional veterinary care.

As you explore your options for veterinarians, emergency care is a key concern to keep in mind. You want to know that your pet will be cared for by someone you trust if an emergency arises. Additionally, you want to consider the experience of the veterinarian, the reputation of the veterinary clinic and its staff, and what kind of equipment the clinic has on hand to provide emergency care when the time arises.

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